Red5 Documentation

Resolution & Bitrate Guide

For more information on balancing quality and latency, please see this blog post.

Recommended Bitrates per Resolution

The following recommendations correspond with a standard framerate of 24 or 30fps.

Resolution Maximum (kbps) Recommended (kbps) Minimum (kbps)
240p (426×240) 700 400 300
360p (640×360) 1000 750 400
480p (854×480) 2000 1000 500
720p (1280×720) 4000 2500 1500
1080p (1920×1080) 6000 4500 3000

For 2K or 4K streaming with 30fps:

Resolution Recommended (Mbps)
1440p or “2K” (2560×1440) 6 to 10mbps
4K (3849×2160) 10-25mbps

For 2K or 4K streaming with 60fps:

Resolution Recommended (Mbps)
1440p or “2K” (2560×1440) 16mbps
4K (3849×2160) 35-465mbps

Note: if you broadcast a high-resolution stream with a low bitrate and/or framerate, then the quality of the stream will drop significantly, and some browsers may resize the subscriber video.