Red5 Documentation

General Troubleshooting Guidelines

Stream Names

Without customization, stream names requirements are:

  • only alpha-numeric characters (no spaces either), with the exception of - and _
  • fewer than 255 characters and support

Network Capacity

In order to publish successfully, your upload network bandwidth must exceed your target publishing bitrate. In order to subscribe successfully, your download network bandwidth must exceed the bitrate of the published stream. Keep in mind that if you have other network traffic (for example, internet access) on the same network connection, that may also impact your ability to publish or subscribe successfully.

Packet Loss

Even with sufficient bandwidth, your network may still be experiencing packet loss, which can affect the quality and latency of your streams. This tool can be used to check your network for packet loss.

Mobile Network Speeds

For reference, the following are the best speeds expected for mobile networks:

Generation Theoretical Speed
2G 9.6-14.4 Kbps
3G 3.1 Mbps
3.5G 14.4 Mbps
4G/LTE 100-300 Mbps
5G 10-30 Gbps

Best Practices

  • To minimize downtime for your customers, it is recommended to have a QA/dev environment for testing updates that is separate from your production/live environment. Employing a blue-green model is also recommended.
  • For live streaming, the minimum server requirements are 2CPU and 2G memory assigned to JVM (recommended at least 4G total system memory). For higher quality streams more memory and CPU are necessary. See the latest performance metrics (the latest are linked here for additional guidelines.