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Autoscale – Corrupted Node Management

Standard Red5 Pro Streammanager node monitoring is performed by the nodes reporting to the stream manager via RTMP. There are now two additional methods of monitoring node health.

HTTP Monitoring

You may want to monitor the HTTP response of the node via the stream manager. Note this is specifically recommended if you have heavy WebRTC traffic, which relies on HTTP and tomcat for WebSockets. In this case, you will modify the NODE CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION SECTION section of red5pro/webapps/streammanager/WEB-INF/ (details on the next page).

WebRTC Monitoring via Node.js

As of Red5 Pro Server version 7.2.11, you can also run a node-checking instance which will attempt to subscribe to live streams via WebRTC, and will put unresponsive edges into a sunset state via a new Stream Manager API call