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Stream Manager Roles Optimization

In the Red5 Pro Autoscaling solution, the stream manager has two main roles:

  1. Node/Nodegroup scale management (the cloudWatchHost value set in your nodes’ autoscale.xml file)
  2. Publisher/Subscriber proxy

Running your production stream manager(s) behind a load balancer is always recommended. However, there are some cases where you may want to further balance your traffic by bifurcating the two roles.

Splitting Stream Manager Load


The diagram above shows a model for setting up two separate Stream Manager load balancers: one to manage the incoming client broadcast/subscribe API requests, and a second one to manage the node status requests.

In this model, the client-facing load balancer can manage the HTTP/HTTPS traffic without impacting the node management. Even if your front end were to become unresponsive due to a flood of traffic, the existing nodes and stream connections would not be impacted.

For the Node Management Stream Managers, it is recommended to use exactly two(2) behind the load balancer for high availability. More than two is not recommended at this time.