Zixi Restreaming

Zixi restreaming is supported on Ubuntu for 11.x and later distributions.

Please see Ubuntu setup document for requirements.

For Zixi streaming, you must run the API command first and then start your stream. By default, you have 2 minutes (12000 milliseconds) after running the command to start your stream. If you want to extend that time, modify red5pro/conf/srt-ingest-plugin.properties socket.idle.timeout= value.

API Calls

The Restreamer API documentation can be found in the development section.

Test Zixi Streaming

How to test Zixi streaming:

NOTE: You will have 2 minutes (120000 milliseconds) from when you post the API call to start the stream; if you wait longer then you will need to re-create the stream via the API

1 - Create the Zixi stream by running the API call (note: make sure the ports match between the API call and the Zixi endpoint from which you are pulling the stream)

POST: https://(server)/live/restream


2 - Go to the subscribe page and refresh. You should see the stream listed.