Red5 Documentation

Server Configuration

To enable the IntestitialREST servlet, edit {red5pro}/conf/red5-common.xml, configuring clientBroadcastStream (last item in file) to class="com.red5pro.interstitial.InterstitialStream". The rest of the bean definition (and child property) remains the same.


    <bean id="clientBroadcastStream" scope="prototype" lazy-init="true" class="com.red5pro.override.ProStream">
        <property name="automaticRecording" value="${}"/>


    <bean id="clientBroadcastStream" scope="prototype" lazy-init="true" class="com.red5pro.interstitial.InterstitialStream">
        <property name="automaticRecording" value="${}"/>

Interstitial Media Insertion support with Autoscaling

If you are using Red5 Pro Autoscaling, and wish to use the Interstitial Switch feature, then the REST servlet (in red5-common.xml, as descrbied above) must be enabled on a node image used for relay instance types only.