Red5 Documentation

Node Types

Autoscaling defines different roles to Red5 Pro instances to make them efficient in contributing towards the streaming architecture. Currently Red5 Pro autoscaling supports the following node roles:

  • ORIGIN: Origin nodes are responsible for providing an ingest point to publishers.
  • EDGE: Edge nodes offer egress points to subscribers.
  • RELAY: Relay nodes act as stream repeaters. They are very useful when building large scale streaming systems that span across continents.The cost & performance of having each edge connect to an origin in a different part of the globe, can be optimized by setting up a relay locally in that continent/geozone that repeats the origin stream and having edges in the continent/geozone read the stream from the relay instead.
  • TRANSCODER: Transcoder nodes are currently responsible for generating multi bitrate outputs for a single stream.However expect a lot more fun from them in future, such as adding overlays, merging streams, etc.