Red5 Documentation

Launch Configuration

A launch configuration is a configuration definition designed to help the Red5 Pro Stream Manager launch instances on the cloud platform. In simpler words a launch configuration helps with how to launch an instance.

Configurations are stored on Stream Manager data store. Launch configuration defines an important set of parameters such as Red5 Pro image name, machine type to use, estimated connection capacity of the instance, arbitrary metadata for the instance as well as arbitrary special properties for the cloud controller. etc. Parameters such as machine type, connection capacity is configured per instance role (origin/edge/relay/transcoder).

A stream manager auto scaling launch configuration template looks like this:


     "launchconfig": {
        "name": "<configuration-name>",
        "description": "<configuration-description>",
        "image": "<red5pro-image>",
        "version": "0.0.3",

        "targets": {
            "target": [{
                "role": "<role>",
                "instanceType": "<instance-type>",
                "connectionCapacity": "<instance-capacity>"

        "properties": {
            "property": [{
                "name": "<property-name>",
                "value": "<property-value>"
        "metadata": {
             "meta": [{
                "key": "<meta-name>",
                "value": "<meta-value>"

For more information on working with launch configuration checkout Stream Manager API Documentation