Red5 Documentation

Digial Ocean (D.O.) Spaces

Create Digital Ocean Space Access Key

From the left-hand menu, navigate to MANAGE, API and the Spaces access keys section.

  • Click on Generate New Key
  • Give the key a name, and click on the check mark
  • Copy the Key and Secret values. NOTE: the Secret will not be visible after you navigate away from the page

D.O. Create New Space

From the left-hand menu, navigate to MANAGE, Spaces

  • Click on the green Create button at the top, and select Spaces
  • Choose a datacenter region
  • Under Allow file listing? choose Restrict File Listing
  • Choose a unique name
  • Select the project where your server is hosted, and click on Create a Space createdospace01 createdospace02
  • From the Spaces menu, click on the More pulldown button, and select Settings
  • Next to CORS Configuration, click on the Add button
  • In the Origin box, type in * to allow all
  • Under Allowed Methods check GET and HEAD, then click on Save Options CORSconfig
  • Make a note of the Endpoint, and of the the space URL that is listed at the top under your space name