Cluster Support

This authentication plugin can also be used with Red5 pro clusters built manually or using streammanager.

Clustering involves a group of interconnected nodes (origins and edges). A publisher stream is streamed from an origin to one or more edges by the Red5 pro cluster-restreamer. In the context of a Red5 pro ecosystem, the cluster-restreamer itself is a connection. Hence when the simple auth plugin is turned on, the authentication restriction applies to the cluster-restreamer as well. The red5pro-simple-auth-plugin treats a cluster-restreamerconnection as a special client with the following credentials.

username : cluster-restreamer
password: <cluster-password>

The username for the cluster-restreamer is always cluster-restreamer and the password is the clustering password configured in the cluster configuration file cluster.xml located at RED5_HOME/conf/cluster.xml.

You can choose to authenticate the restreamer in one of the following ways:

  • Add the special cluster-restreamer credentials to your authentication data source.
  • Implement your own IAuthenticationValidator as described earlier and have the implementation verify the cluster-restreamer username and the cluster password locally (on the server) without connecting to the data source.