Red5 Documentation

Release 5.4.0

  • WebRTC support for Microsoft Edge
  • Updated websockets for improved WebRTC experience
    • consolidated ports to use the same as http/https
    • fixed frequent Firefox websocket failures
    • improved reliability of autoscaling on AWS via their Application Load Balancer
    • NOTE: These changes will require some modification to existing webapps. Please see here for additional documentation.
  • Fixed – HLS freezing to stream from RTC Publisher
  • Fixed – HLS files copied to S3 (if S3 post-processor enabled) even if stream is not recorded
  • Fixed – HLS recordings a few seconds shorter than flv
  • Improved RTC HD and Screen Sharing stream quality
  • Fixed – S3 Upload failing with buckets created in some regions (noteably: all Europe, and some newer zones in US and AS)
  • Fixed – Stream Manager API – Stream Stats listing currentSubscriber counts as the same for each stream
  • Performance improvements

Release 5.4.0 Server Performance Metrics

Tests were run against an AWS c5.large instance (2 CPUs with 4GB memory, 2GB allocated to java_heap). We used our RTMP Bee, RTSP Bee, and RTC Bee clients to do load testing.

Publishing a 256kbps stream via RTMP, we were able to achieve the following while still maintaining quality of stream:

  • 500 WebRTC subscribers
  • 1,900 RTSP (mobile) subscribers
  • 1,000 RTMP subscribers

The same server type can support approximately forty 480p RTMP publishers