Red5 Documentation

Release 4.5.0

  • Added simple auth plugin support across clusters
  • Added shared objects support across clusters
  • Added Log Manager to Red5 Pro server API
  • Added ability to select camera to the front end broadcast page
  • Autoscaling – Added support for Autoscaling on Azure cloud
  • Fixed – Republishing quickly via Android will sometimes result in stream not propagating to Edge
  • Fixed – RTSP Subscribers do not receive UNPUBLISH event on broadcast end
  • Fixed – RTSP restream to YouTube doesn’t work
  • Fixed – WebRTC Append – 1-3 second pause between recorded segments
  • Fixed – high CPU usage with RTSP subscriber load
  • Fixed – Unpublish.Notify call – does not get sent over cluster
  • Fixed – RTC Connections do not release JVM threads