Red5 Documentation

Server Release 10.0.0

New Feature – Mixer

Red5 Pro Server Release 10.0.0 introduces the Mixer node type. A Mixer node can combine multiple live streams into a single one that includes the video and audio of all of them. It allows creating large compositions with hundreds of live streams into a single return stream, or video conferences that provides conference participants with a mix-minus audio stream of the conference.

Note: Addition of the Mixer node requires a Stream Manager database update. Please see this document for details on how to upgrade.

Other Updates

  • New feature – Support for Azure cloud storage which will allow you to store your recordings in Azure Blobs
  • Fixed – IP Camera Basic authentication failing for some camera sources
  • Fixed – Autoscale – confusing error message returned if making a transcoder broadcast call to a nodegroup with no transcoders
  • Fixed – Autoscale – on read Launch Configuration, property value is returned with slashes
  • Server Performance updates
  • WebRTC subscriber optimizations (see our new performance metrics.