Red5 Documentation

Release 8.0.0

  • New – WebRTC DataChannel Support (on by default). Allows the WebSocket based signaling to disconnect after UDP connection is established, and all metadata uses the WebRTC DataChannel directly from the node over UDP. This approach greatly reduces the load on Stream Managers, increasing their throughput and scalability. See the SDK Upgrade Guide for important client upgrade details.
  • Memory management improvements
  • New – Social Media restreamer plugin
  • Updated server process to clean ghost WebSocket connections (capabilities=2)
  • Restreamer – Basic and digest authentication support for IP camera via restreamer plugin
  • Restreamer – added support for RTSP Camera Client with video channel other than 0
  • Restreamer – Added ability to set different passphrases for different SRT sources via the restreamer API
  • Updated AWS S3 Loader to support transferring recorded files over 2G in size
  • Added support for HLS playback via HLS.js
  • Updated – Remove the stream manager integration from the subscribe.jsp page
  • Fixed – WebRTC could get into a bad state with rapid republishing/re-subscribing
  • Fixed – Audio Warble detected with some HD audio sources
  • Fixed – inconsistent server connection counts reported
  • Fixed – RTSP streams that don’t stop cleanly are not always removed from stream listing
  • Fixed – RTSP GET calls sometimes being sent with WebRTC stream publishing
  • Fixed – Simple Auth/Round Trip Authentication support for autoscale transcoding group
  • Fixed – Chrome on some Samsung devices can’t select back camera when using the Publish – Media Stream Source (WebRTC) example
  • Fixed – Audio replay ends for subscriber (webrtc only) when the camera is changed on iOS Safari for both 12.x and 13.x using the HTML5 Publish – Media Stream Source example
  • Fixed – Restreamer excludes valid PES stream ID range entries
  • Fixed – Restreamer – Kill action fixed
  • Fixed – RTSP streams which are interrupted do not always get removed from the server automatically
  • Fixed – When using the OrientationPostProcessor to create an MP4 recording, the filter complex was always used for ffmpeg even if there were no orientation changes during the live stream

Autoscaling Updates:

  • Added Stream Manager monitoring for Terraform Service response
  • Added API call to remove all stream provisions
  • Fixed – Simple Auth/Round Trip Authentication was not supported over Transcoder
  • Fixed – Old streams are still listed in streams list after they are stopped, especially in a nodegroup with transcoder
  • Fixed – AWS Autoscaling, new nodes all launched in the same zone