Red5 Documentation

Release 4.0.0

Please see the HTML5 SDK Migration Guide for information on upgrading from HTML5 SDK v3.5.0 to v4.0.0

NOTE: Autoscale updates need to be deployed to Stream Manager and nodes. There are updated Controller jar files that need to be downloaded and deployed to your Stream Manager with release 4.0.0

  • Added support for WebRTC in Safari 11, and Safari on iOS 11
  • Autoscaling – Added support for Autoscaling on Simluated Cloud
  • Fixed – Startrecord/Stoprecord API calls not working as expected
  • Fixed – Firefox WebRTC publisher disconnecting after about 15-30 minutes
  • Fixed – WebRTC flv to mp4 conversion failing
  • Fixed – RTMP Publisher – no video in flv recordings
  • Fixed – Cluster/Autoscaling – Publishing same stream name via RTMP Publisher removes stream from Edge servers
  • Fixed – HLS recorded videos truncated for publishers on lesser networks
  • Fixed – Memory leaks in long-running streams
  • Updated jee-container.xml with modified websockets security settings (for running Red5 Pro with SSL).

Known Issues:

  • iOS SDK Video publish to Safari RTC does not work (audio only is OK)