Release 3.4.0

Release 3.4.0 - 28 April, 2017

  • Added Simple Authentication Plugin
  • Added WebRTC support for MP3 audio
  • Fixed: Occasional glitches in RTC to RTC streams
  • Fixed: Jittery WebRTC playback from 3rd-party publishers (FMLE, OBS)
  • Fixed: API stats for a WebRTC stream still display after the stream has stopped broadcasting
  • Fixed: Stream broadcasting for over 4.66 hours to cluster was removed from edge servers
  • Fixed: Autoscaling - updated AWS SDK, including support for some newly-added regions (requires updated cloud plugin download)
  • Fixed: Autoscaling - Can't subscribe to same republished stream name if origin fails (and is replaced)
  • Front-End contains HTML5 SDK updates to support Internet Explorer Flash fallback (see Streaming Release Notes) for details