Red5 Documentation

SDK Release 6.0.0

NOTE: xCode 10 has dropped support for libstdc++. It is necessary to replace dependencies for libstdc++ with libc++ in your iOS project to build with xCode 10. No modifications needed to be made to the iOS SDK for this change.


  • New – Option to use Hardware Acceleration for subscribing, to support 4K and 360° Streams
  • New – Decoupled Shared Objects: Mobile (Note requires server min version 6.0.0)
  • New – BETA – ABR subscriber support via autoscaling transcoding (Note requires server min version 6.0.0) and Growth Pro for [Transcoding via autoscaling]

  • API Additions:
    • R5Stream: play:streamName useHardwareAcceleration:flag
    • R5Stream: play:streamName withForcedRGBDecode:flag
    • R5Stream: (CVPixelBuffer)getStreamPixelBuffer
    • R5VideoViewController: setRenderer:R5VideoViewRenderer
    • R5VideoViewController: getRenderer()
    • R5VideoViewRenderer (new class)
  • API changes:
    • R5 Stream: play:streamName
    • R5 Stream: setFrameListener:(void (^)(void *, enum r5_stream_format, int, int, int))listenerBlock
    • R5Stream: (UIImage*)getStreamImage
    • R5Stream: (uint8_t*)getStreamImageBytes
  • Fixed – iOS Testbed – Publish Stream Manager example, crashes if stream name is already in use
  • Fixed – iOS SDK duplicate symbols in binary – Obj-C Examples

streaming-ios updates:

  • Added HW Accel toggle option to turn on hardware acceleration decode for all subscriber tests
  • New Test: Subscribe – 360° Camera
  • New Test: Subscribe – Hardware Acceleration
  • New Test: Subscribe – Renderer RGB
  • New Test: Subscribe – Renderer Toggle
  • New Test: Publish – Stream Manager Transcoder
  • New Test: Subscribe – Stream Manager Transcoder
  • New Test: Shared Object – Streamless
  • New Test: Publish – Camera Swap & Orientation