Red5 Documentation

What is Red5 Cloud?

Red5 History

Red5 was launched in 2005 as an open source initiative aimed at replicating the functionalities of the Adobe Flash Media Server and the RTMP protocol. The project sought to provide a cost-free, open source alternative to Adobe’s offering. Over the years, Red5 has gained significant traction, becoming a preferred choice for numerous developers and companies seeking reliable streaming solutions.

Following the success of Red5, the Red5 Pro platform emerged in 2015, targeting enhancements in low latency streaming capabilities and integrating the WebRTC protocol. It has since broadened its support to include various other protocols like RTSP, HLS, Zixi, and SRT, and has developed features such as clustering and autoscaling to boost performance. Red5 Pro excels in delivering real-time streaming experiences, achieving latencies below 500 milliseconds globally. This platform is versatile in deployment, functioning efficiently in on-premise data centers as well as in cloud environments tailored to customer needs.

Red5 Cloud

Red5 Cloud extends the capabilities of Red5 Pro through a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, offering it as a fully managed service. This solution simplifies the deployment and management of streaming applications by handling the infrastructure and maintenance. With Red5 Cloud, users can focus more on creating custom applications and delivering content without worrying about the technical complexities of scaling, security, or performance. The service ensures high availability and robust performance, making it easier for companies to launch and operate streaming services efficiently. Red5 Cloud represents an optimal choice for those seeking a reliable, managed low latency streaming platform.