Red5 Documentation

Subscribing to a Recorded File

If you want to subscribe to your recorded stream using the Red5 Pro client SDK, you simply need to include the file extension (so “stream.flv”, or “file.mp4”) when calling the subscribe method.

The client is smart enough to look for the recorded file in the “streams” subdirectory if you include a file extension. Without the extension, it assumes the stream is live.

You can view the list of available mp4 and flv files in the live streams directory by visiting http://localhost:5080/live/mediafiles:


You can also view the available HLS (m3u8) files by visiting http://localhost:5080/live/playlists:


If you are using the Red5 Pro cloud storage plugin, these calls will also list out the files that are stored in your cloud storage bucket.
For HLS VOD details, look here).