Red5 Documentation

Enabling Disk Writes

The following configuration is used for the default Red5 Pro server distribution.

In order for disk writes to happen, you will need to:

  • Define the useDiskWrites bean property in conf/hlsconfig.xml as true
  • Remove or comment out the servlet and servlet-mapping nodes for hls and hls2 from _webapps/live/WEB-INF/web.xml

The behavior of the server is the same when publishing a stream. The URI of the HLS stream mimics the context path of the publisher stream.

The publisher with a stream consumable at the following URI:

  • rtsp://server:8554/live/streamName

will be also playable at the following URI:

  • http://server:5080/live/streamName.m3u8

The .ts files are written into the red5pro-server/webapps/live/streams directory. Each .ts file will be removed after approximately 30 seconds, and all .ts files, plus the .m3u8 file will be removed approximately 30 seconds after the stream has been stopped.

NOTE: This property does not have anything to do with HLS recording or VOD.