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2022 in Review

What’s new in 2022

First Quarter


Release 10.0.0 introduces the Mixer node type to the Red5 Pro autoscale infrastructure. The mixer combines multiple live streams, creating a composite of all the live video and audio streams into a single stream output.

The Red5 Pro mixer is a great solution for conferences with multiple presenters which in turn have separate subscriber-only audiences.

Second Quarter

Custom Cloudstorage Parameters

Along with several bug fixes, Server Release 10.3.0 introduces several cloudstorage plugin improvements:

Red5 Pro supports recording to cloud storage buckets on AWS, Digital Ocean, GCP, and Microsoft Azure.

Third Quarter

Transcoding Improvements

In August of 2022, we improved our software transcoding process to use multi-CPU and multithreading. These improvements allow for transcoding down to more than 3 variant levels, which is crucial for higher-definition streaming.

Fourth Quarter

The final release of 2022 included support of OPUS and UDP over RTSP, in addition to some major thread and memory optimization for both WebRTC WebSocket connections and HLS.