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Red5 Pro Autoscale Glossary

Cloud Controller – Handles communication with the cloud platform for instance lifecycle management. Red5 Pro has cloud controllers for AWS, Google, and other cloud platforms or self-hosted servers using the Simulated Cloud Controller. The terraform cloud controller is used for Digital Ocean, Linode, and Microsoft Azure.

Configuration Manager – Manages launch configurations (disk image and connection capacity settings per node type) in Stream Manager’s configuration store.

Database Layer – Manages communication with a data source for persisting data that the Stream Manager uses. Typically an RDS instance or MySQL.

Instance Manager – Handles creation and termination of cloud server instances directly from Stream Manager.

Nodes – The autoscaling nodes are server instances that perform specifically defined roles (origin, edge, relay, transcoder).

Node Types:

  • Origin – An origin accepts publishers (or encoders).
  • Edge – An edge delivers streams to subscribers who want to view/listen to the streams. An Edge is required to have at least one origin in which to repeat content. Edge nodes can be configured to communicate with more than one origin.
  • Mixer – A node type that is used for mixing streams.
  • Relay – An intermediary node that connects an origin to an edge. The use of relays allows a cluster to run large stream deployments into the tens of millions of subscribers.
  • Transcoder – A node type that is dedicated to transcoding streams into lower variants for ABR. The source and transcoded streams are pushed to an origin. Transcoders are not clustered.

Nodegroup – An autoscaling nodegroup is a cluster of any number of combinations of the above node types. The nodegroup is created based on a scale-policy and launch-configuration.

Policy Manager – Manages your scaling policies in the Stream Manager’s policy store.

Red5CloudWatch – Monitors your Red5 Pro instances for availability and traffic status.

REST API Layer – Allows simple cluster administration through Stream Manager and provides a simple public interface for coordinating between publishers and subscribers for stream production and consumption.

Scale Policy – A configuration that defines how many nodes to maintain, how much to scale, and how soon to scale (The wait-delay after the autoscale condition is active)

Stream Manager – The Stream Manager regulates streaming load efficiently by adding/removing Red5 Pro servers in real-time to meet dynamic traffic demands on cloud networks. Using the Cloud Controller, it deploys and manages a cluster dynamically using the cloud network’s APIs.