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Large Audio and Video Mixes

This use case mixes a large number of live streams together into a single output stream using a set of stacked mixers. Some mixers process the client-published streams while others use the mixed streams published by other mixers. This use case is diagramed in Figure 2 below.

Possible scenarios include control rooms displaying a mix of a large set of camera streams for large video walls. For video wall solutions, the live streams are managed remotely by an editor that dynamically adds, removes, mutes, or unmutes source streams as needed.


Figure 2: Architecture diagram for small audio and video mixes.

The Grid Composition Host testbed is suitable for this use case. The testbed creates a composition with several Mixers, providing each the HTML5 page to load. The controlled streams are part of the sub-composite streams and the resulting final composite stream. Read more here regarding how to use the Grid Composition Host testbed for large audio and video mixes.