Red5 Documentation

Composite Video On Demand (VOD) Recordings

This use case utilizes the Mixer to composite multiple live streams into a single one for use as VOD. If a Mixer is already used, as would in any of the previous use cases, Red5 Pro can be configured to automatically record every live stream including the composite live streams. If the live pipeline does not already include a Mixer, then a Mixer is added to generate the composite recording for VOD. Once the composite stream is published to the Cluster a Red5 Pro server will automatically record it locally and/or upload it to configured cloud storage.

This use case is implemented by having an HTML5 page including a set of players that subscribe to the live streams. Once the page is loaded into a Mixer through the Create Composition API the Mixer will publish the composite stream to a Red5 Pro Origin node which, if configured to record, will record it and make it available for VOD.

NOTE: Since the stream from the mixer to the origin is RTMP, in order to record the stream you must modify the red5pro/conf/ file, setting for your origin node image.