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Streaming Branded Content To Third Party Platforms

This use case creates and publishes a composed, branded live stream to a third-party platform like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Twitch. The Mixer loads an HTML5 page with the design and branding defined in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. The resulting composition is published by the Mixer to the Red5 Pro Cluster and the Red5 Pro Social Pusher feature is used to restream to the third-party platform. This solution is diagramed in Figure 4 below. Any of the previous use cases can be combined with this one to create a branded composition making it available to third-party platforms.


Figure 4: Architecture diagram for a solution that can mix several live streams and create a branded composition for viewers watching on a third-party platform.

This use case is implemented by having a branded HTML5 page that includes a set of players that subscribe to the live streams. Once the page is loaded into a Mixer through the Create Composition API the Mixer publishes the branded composite stream making it available for subscribers.