Red5 Documentation

Create Stream Manager and Terraform Instances

We will now create two new droplets, using the snapshot created in the previous step.

Note: for TESTING ONLY, you can run terraform on the same instance as the stream manager.

  1. From the Snapashots menu, click on the More dropdown, and select Create Droplet
  2. Choose a plan – for the Stream Manager instance, we want an instance with more memory, so click on Memory-Optimized and select the $80/month 16 GB / 2 CPUs droplet type, with the default 1x SSD
  3. Skip Add block storage
  4. Choose a datacenter region – the datacenter where you created the image will be selected by default (if you want to create a droplet in a different region, then you first will need to copy the snapshot to that region)
  5. VPC Network – as of this document, Red5 Pro autoscaling does not support targeting by Digital Ocean VPC, so you must leave this as the default.
  6. Authentication – select SSH keys and add a check next to the ssh key that you added in the previous step.
  7. Finalize and create – choose the default 1 droplet and modify the name to identify the droplet (note: this hostname is only a label, it is not a DNS name)
  8. If you have multiple projects, select the one you want to use for this environment, and click on Create Droplet

Repeat the above steps to create a Terraform instance, but use the Compute Optimized C-2 instance type, as Terraform does not need the additional memory.