Red5 Documentation

Cluster Terminology

The follow terms will be used throughout this document.


One or more active servers which are expected to make real-time data streams available for consumption. These are usually audio and video streams but can also be other forms of data.

Server Node

A server instance that is part of an active cluster.


The source of a live data stream, usually a webcam and microphone or smart phone. It can encompass the user, network session, or function of stream generation.


An Origin accepts broadcasters.
Origins can also be configured to accept subscribers. The server can be in a hybrid mode where it repeats streams from another Origin. A stand-alone server is an Origin and an Edge.


An Edge accepts subscribers.
An Edge is configured to have at least one origin to repeat content from. It can be configured to communicate with more than one Origin.


Clustering is how we configure multiple servers to be Edges and Origins interconnected in order to distribute real time data to all receiving clients.