Red5 Documentation

Enabling or Disabling Clustering

Clustering is enabled by default.

If you wish to disable clustering, you may do the following:

1 – Edit {red5pro}/conf/cluster.xml, changing <property name="nodeType" value="auto" /> to <property name="nodeType" value="off" />

2 – Edit {red5pro}/webapps/red5-default.xml, commenting out the following lines:

<bean id="clusterServiceResolver" class="com.red5pro.cluster.plugin.ClusterServiceResolver"/>


<bean id="applicationEventListener" class="com.red5pro.cluster.plugin.event.ApplicationEventListener" />

3 – Remove the {red5pro}/plugins/red5pro-cluster-plugin-*.jar and {red5pro}/plugins/red5pro-autoscale-plugin-*.jar files.

NOTE: clustering is not supported with Trial or Developer license types.