6. Add Cluster Schema

Connect to MySQL and Add Cluster Schema

To connect to the MySQL instance that we just created, we suggest using the freeware MySQL workbench tool that can be downloaded from https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/.

  • Launch MySQL Workbench tool on your system
  • Click on the “+” icon to the right of MySQL Connections to open the new connection configuration window.
  • Enter a connection name - (for example, “aws-mysql”)
  • Hostname: the database endpoint URL which we obtained from the RDS instance details tab
  • Username: the Database Master Username configured above
  • Password: the Database Master password configured above
  • Default Schema: cluster (database schema for stream manager)
  • Click on Test Connection to verify you can connect. - if you are not on the system that was added as "my IP" when you created the RDS security policy, this may fail. mysqlworkbench
  • Click “ok” to save the configuration and close the window.
  • Download the Red5 Pro Server Distribution, and unzip it on your desktop.
  • Double click on the new connection you created to open the database workspace view.
  • From menu click => File => Open SQL Script, and browse the server distribution to find the cluster.sql file {red5prohome}/webapps/streammanager/WEB-INF/sql/cluster.sql
  • Click the execute icon to execute the sql script which populates the cluster database execute clusterdbpopulated