Red5 Documentation

Common Events

The following events are common across all Publisher implementations from the Red5 Pro WebRTC SDK. They can be accessed from the global red5prosdk object from the PublisherEventTypes attribute.

Access Name Meaning
CONNECT_SUCCESS ‘Connect.Success’ When the publisher has established a required remote connection, such as to a WebSocket or RTMP-based server.
`CONNECT_FAILURE ‘Connect.Failure’ When the publisher has failed to establish a required remote connection for streaming.
PUBLISH_START ‘Publish.Start’ When the publisher has started a broadcast stream.
`PUBLISH_FAIL ‘Publish.Fail’ When the publisher has failed to start a broadcast stream.
PUBLISH_INVALID_NAME ‘Publish.InvalidName’ When the publisher is rejected from starting a broadcast stream because the streamName provided is already in use.
`UNPUBLISH_SUCCESS ‘Unpublish.Success’ When the publisher has successfully closed an active broadcast stream.
PUBLISH_METADATA ‘Publish.Metadata’ When the publisher receives metadata from the server.
`PUBLISH_STATUS ‘Publish.Status’ When a status event of the publisher has been receieved from the server.
PUBLISH_AVAILABLE ‘Publish.Available’ When the publisher stream has become available on the origin server to be consumed. This will follow the connection setup and Publish.Start event.
PUBLISH_INSUFFICIENT_BANDWIDTH ‘Publish.InsufficientBW’ When the current broadcast session is experiencing insufficient bandwidth conditions.
PUBLISH_RECOVERING_BANDWIDTH ‘Publish.RecoveringBW’ Then the current broadcast has updated information related to bandwidth condition recovery.
PUBLISH_SUFFICIENT_BANDWIDTH ‘Publish.SufficientBW’ When the current broadcast session has sufficient bandwidth conditions from previously experiencing network issues.
CONNECTION_CLOSED ‘Publisher.Connection.Closed’ Invoked when a close to the connection is detected.
DIMENSION_CHANGE ‘Publisher.Video.DimensionChange’ Notification when the Camera resolution has been set or change.