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Red5 Pro Eclipse Setup

Setting up Eclipse IDE for Red5 Pro Development

The following steps describe how to setup a new project in the Eclipse IDE that will be runnable under the Red5 Pro Server.


The following are required to setup the Red5 Pro Server and to follow along with this example:

As of release 9.0.0, the Red5 Pro server requires Java 11. Install Java JDK if not already installed on your machine.

Eclipse IDE

For the examples, we will be demonstrating how to set up the project in the Eclipse IDE. The steps for setup should be transferrable to the IDE of your choice, as it is the code and method of deployment that we will be more focused on.

Eclipse Workspace Setup

  1. Open the Eclipse IDE into a new workspace
    •  For the purposes of this example, the new workspace directory will be /Users/red5pro-user/red5prolive
  2. From the main menu, select the File > New > Java Project (may need to choose Other to find this option)
    Red5 Pro Application
  3. In the Create a Java Project dialog, enter in Red5ProLive for the Project name field
    Red5 Pro Application
  4. Click Next
  5. In the Java Settings dialog, select the Libraries tab
    Red5 Pro Application
  6. Click the Add Variable button
    •  We will be defining our Red5 Pro server install as a library dependency resource
  7. In the New Variable Classpath Entry dialog, click Configure Variables
    Red5 Pro Application
  8. In the Classpath Variables dialog, click New…
  9. In the New Variable Entry dialog, enter __RED5PRO_ROOT for the Name field, and define the Path value as the root of your Red5 Pro server install. For the purposes of this tutorial, that is /Users/red5pro-user/red5pro-server/__
    Red5 Pro Application
  10. Click OK and OK again until you are navigated back to the New Variable Classpath Entry dialog
  11. From the New Variable Classpath Entry dialog, select the new __RED5PRO_ROOT entry and click Extend…__
  12. Select the red5-server.jar from the listing and click OK
    Red5 Pro Application
  13. You will be redirected back to the Java Build Path dialog
  14. Select the new __RED5PRO_ROOT entry and click Extend…__
  15. Select the /lib/red5-server-common-1.0.8.jar (note, the version number may vary)from the list and click OK
  16. Click Finish
Red5 Pro Application

Next Steps

With the dependencies from the libraries distributed with the Red5 Pro Server properly defined for your project, you can begin developing custom applications to be run under Red5 Pro.