Red5 Documentation

Red5 Pro Core SDK – Windows

The Red5 Pro Windows Streaming SDK provides support for broadcasting a live stream with video on the following platforms:

  • x86-64

This document will introduce you to the Red5 Pro Windows Streaming SDK API and instruct you in using the SDK to begin streaming on Windows devices.

You will need the latest Red5 Pro Windows Streaming SDK before you begin.

How to Build the Windows Examples

Note: substitute your Windows username for $USER

Install preresiquites

Make a local directory

   mkdir c:\Users\$USER\Red5Core

Download & Unzip Red5 Pro Core SDK

Download the Red5 Pro Core SDK distribution and save to C:\Users\$USER\Red5Core\$

Unzip the distribution. This will create C:\Users\$USER\Red5Core\$DISTRIBUTION\cmake, docs, and other directories.

Make a binary directory

   mkdir c:\Users\$USER\Red5Core\$DISTRIBUTION\build

Compile and run examples

Run cmake-gui or open the app from the desktop.

Once in the CMake app

  • Set Where is the source code to C:\Users\$USER\Red5Core\$DISTRIBUTION\examples
  • Set Where to build the binaries to C:\Users\$USER\Red5Core\$DISTRIBUTION\build
  • Click Configure
  • Click Generate
  • Click Open Project and select the Visual Studio distribution you installed earlier; this should open the project

Inside the Visual Studio project

  • Select Release from the Solution Configurations dropdown
  • Right-click inside Search Solution Explorer on ALL_BUILD and select Build
  • Right-click inside Search Solution Explorer on INSTALL and select Build
  • Execute the basic example from C:\Users\$USER\Red5Core\$DISTRIBUTION\build\r5core_example_basic