Red5 Documentation

Red5 Pro Core SDK – MacOS

The Red5 Pro MacOS Streaming SDK provides support for broadcasting a live stream with video on the following platforms:

  • MacOSX Intel
  • MacOSX M-Series

This document will introduce you to the Red5 Pro MacOS Streaming SDK API and instruct you in using the SDK to begin streaming on macOS devices.

You will need the latest Red5 Pro MacOS Streaming SDK before you begin.

How to Build the MacOS Examples

Install prerequisites

  • Homebrew
  • GCC
  • CMake

Install Homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Install GCC

brew install gcc

Install CMake

You can install CMake from Homebrew or Download from

brew install cmake

Make a local directory

Create a directory through the Finder or via the Terminal

mkdir ~/Red5Core

Download & Unzip Red5 Pro Core SDK

Download the Red5 Pro Core SDK distribution and save to ~/Red5Core

cd ~/Red5Core
unzip $

Set the environment variable for CMake


Create, compile and execute build files

While in the ~/Red5Core/$DISTRIBUTION/examples directory, execute the following commands

Create build files

cmake .

Build examples


Execute the basic example

For each example, see the README for the expected behavior.