Core SDK Examples - Overview

The Red5 Pro Core SDK can be used to develop native desktop applications for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

The following documents contain details about the public examples of how to integrate various supported features into your application.

Building the Examples

For Linux/MacOS

  1. Install dependencies

    sudo apt-get install g++ make cmake unzip
  2. Make local directory

    mkdir ~/Red5Core
  3. Download the Red5 Pro Core SDK distribution and save to ~/Red5Core
  4. Unzip

    cd ~/Red5Core
    unzip <distribution>.zip
  5. Set the environment variable for CMake

    export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=~Red5Core/<distribution>/cmake
  6. Create build files

    cd ~/Red5Core/<distribution>/examples
    cmake .
  7. Build examples

    cd ~/Red5Core/<distribution>/examples
  8. Execute the basic example

    cd ~/Red5Core/<distribution>/examples/basic

For Windows

substitute your username for <user>.

  1. Install dependencies:
  2. Visual Studio - Visit https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/community/ to download and install the latest version for Windows.
  3. cmake - Visit https://cmake.org/download/ to download and install the latest release
  4. Make a local directory

    mkdir c:\Users\<user>\Red5Core
  5. Download the Red5 Pro Core SDK distribution and save to C:\Users\<user>\Red5Core\<distribution>.zip
  6. Unzip the distribution. This will create C:\Users\<user>\Red5Core\<distribution>\cmake, docs, and other directories.
  7. Make a binary directory

    mkdir c:\Users\<user>\Red5Core\<distribution>\build
  8. Run cmake-gui
  9. Set Where is the source code to C:\Users\<user>\Red5Core\<distribution>\examples
  10. Set Where to build the binaries to C:\Users\<user>\Red5Core\<distribution>\build
  11. Click Configure
  12. Click Generate
  13. Click Open Project and select the Visual Studio distribution you installed earlier.
  14. Inside the Visual Studio project, select Release from the Solution Configurations dropdown.
  15. Right-click inside Search Solution Explorer on ALL_BUILD and select Build
  16. Right-click inside Search Solution Explorer on INSTALL and select Build
  17. Execute the basic example from C:\Users\<user>\Red5Core\<distribution>\build\r5core_example_basic